Are there other Core Democratic Value resources I can check out?

  There sure are and here is a list of just a few.  

Web Sites: 

You Be the Judge  

The Michigan Epic people have put together a great interactive site for you and your students to use.  One of my favorite activities is entitled “You Be The Judge”.  “This is an interactive threaded storybook for elementary students that teaches core democratic values such as Pursuit of Happiness, Private Property Rights, and other Constitutional Rights. Help the kids decide how best keep a treasured tree that is in danger of being cut down. Your students can make several decisions throughout the story, which will affect the final outcome.  There are several other interactive lessons to choose from.    

Macomb ISD: Social Studies

  Click here to get a printable list, with definitions, of the Core Democratic Values.

Write a Super Citizenship Newsletter

In this lesson your kids will find examples of citizenship in their community newsletter and then put together a class newsletter recognizing good citizens in their school.

Lesson Plans by Teachers

At this site you will find assessments, lesson plans, and electronic articles that cover the core democratic values.   If you are looking for some activities to use with your students this is the place.  

A Bibliography of Children's Literature for Teaching Core Democratic Values

This bibliography lists book titles and the relevant core democratic values they can teach. 

Books, Posters, and other Resources  

Here are several companies that put together some excellent materials.  They both have books and posters you can order.   Give them a call and get their latest catalog.

 River Road Publications      They have some great posters, books, and an upcoming video that can enhance your teaching of the core democratic values.     Call them at  800. 373.8762 or visit them at

Virginia Jay   This company has a great set of core democratic posters that your should check out.  Contact them at: 616. 942. 4775 or 800. 593. 0509


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