Math: General Resources
See our curriculum sheets for additional information.  

Lesson Plans/Units

SCoPE (Sample Curriculum and Plans for Education)   This site "provides a model K-12 local core curriculum with units of study clearly linked to Michigan's own content standards, benchmarks, and statewide assessments.  The site also provides teachers with detailed plans for teaching lessons in each unit of study comprising the model K-12 local core curriculum."  It was "produced by the subject area consultants of the Oakland intermediate school district in collaboration with local teachers and subject area experts".

Education World: Math Center

EXCEL-lent Middle School Math   This article from Education World explores the ways that teachers "use Microsoft Excel in ways that excite students about the power of math in everyday life".

Internet Public Library: Math Whiz   List of links to math sites

MASER  This site provides weblinks for each of the mathematics benchmarks in the Michigan Curriculum Framework

Math and Children's Literature: Carol Hurst  Bibliography and activities

Math Forum: Teachers' Place Home of Math Word Problems for Children

MDE: Math  Teacher resources from the Michigan Department of Education.

Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics

MISD: Mathematics  Teacher resources from the Macomb Intermediate School District.

Multiplication Unit

NCTM Illuminations  The i-math link provides ready-to-use, online, interactive multimedia math investigations. Also, check out the reflections link and selected web resources link.

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator

Teach ALL Students the Multiplication Facts   Tips, techniques and secrets used by master teachers

This is MegaMathematics!

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

AAA Math

A+ Online flashcards, worksheets, and games

Calculators On-Line Center: Martindale's Reference Desk  Over 11,000 calculators from a wide variety of fields 

CoolMath: An Amusement Park of Mathematics and More

Create a Graph  Create a bar, pie or line graph online 

Internet Field Trip: Patterns  Visit a variety of web sites aimed at K-2 students to study patterns

Quia Mathematics  This site contains math games and quizzes to reinforce specific math concepts.

Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition  Includes a Hands-On Science section, lesson plans, and pages for students, teachers, and parents.




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