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If you are making a calendar for "March is Reading" month, here are some activities/themes you can use to fill in the days.  These have been taken from a variety of sources:

  • Dr. Seuss's Birthday Party (March 2)

  • Dr. Seuss Hair day

  • Other authors with birthdays in March.  Kathy Schrock has a list of author birthdays by month

  • Turn off the TV night

  • Read with the principal

  • Read to a stuffed animal

  • Read a comic book

  • Read to someone older than you

  • Read to someone younger than you

  • Read a T-shirt

  • Read a hat

  • Read a button

  • Celebrity/guest readers (community leaders, board members, high school students, parents, school staff, celebrities, etc.)

  • Read a letter

  • Read a poem

  • Read a play

  • Read a newspaper

  • Read a biography

  • Read a joke or riddle

  • Play a word game

  • Read about the "olden days"

  • Teacher switch day (teachers go to different classrooms to read)

  • Dress as your favorite book character

  • Show your library card (Students bring their public library cards and get a small reward)

  • Read a book by a local/Michigan author

  • Read books by flashlight

  • Read about another country

  • Explore an author's website or write an author..  KidsRead has a list of author and illustrator addresses.  The Internet School Library Media Center also has an Index to Children's and YA's Authors and Illustrators Internet Sites.

  • Mystery Reader Week  Someone reads over the P.A. system and students guess who it is

  • Book Summaries Week  Students are chosen to write a brief booktalk and deliver it over the closed circuit television system

  • Guess That Book  A short selection from a book is read and students try to name it.