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These are themes for reading programs or Reading Month activities taken from various sources:

Nebraska Summer Reading Program: Past Themes

2001- Reading Road Trip, USA
2000- Cosmic Connections at Your Library
1999- Treasure Your Library.
1998- Rock 'N' Read.
1997- Thrills & Chills At The Library.
1996- Peer-Amid Books.
1995- Adventure Begins at Camp Read-A-Lot.
1994- Books Make The World Go Round.
1993- Books Come In All Flavors.
1992- Dive Into A Good Book.
1991- Western Frontier!
1990- Summer Safari : Stalk A Story.
1989- Space And Beyond : Find Your Own Space With A Book.
1988- Dino-Soaring Into Books.
1987- Your Library -- Greatest Show of All!
1986- Have a Bearable Summer.
1985- All Aboard The Reading Railroad!
1984- Go Hog Wild With Books.
1983- Superreader.
1982- Your Library -- The FUN FACTory.
1981- Fantasy Summer.

South Meadows Elementary School in Chelsea has used these themes in the past and shared their ideas at the MAME Conference.  They have also posted some of this information on their library website.

  • Reading Roundup  (Cowboys)
  • Reading is Out of This World  (Space)
  • Launch into Reading (Space Shuttle)
  • Be a Readasaurus (Dinosaur)
  • Reading is Magic (They had a magician come to the school.)
  • Dive into Reading (Principal dove into a vat of jello.)
  • Race to the Future: READ (Auto racing)
  • Ages and Pages Ago (Medieval Times, Knights, Dragons)


Idaho Summer Reading Program