Pond: Life Cycles
This unit is mainly taught using our text.  See our curriculum sheets for additional information.

Central Questions

  • How are groups of living things classified?
  • How do life cycles of living things differ?


  • LO1- Compare and classify familiar organism on the basis of observable physical characteristics.
  • LO3- Describe life cycles of familiar organisms.
  • LO4- Compare and contrast food, energy, and environmental needs of similar organisms.
  • LO5- Describe functions of selected seed plant parts.
Lesson Plans/Units

Butterfly Life Cycle

Common Animals and Plants  Unit Plan from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

Life Cycle of a Butterfly  Students write a biography of a caterpillar. Written by a first grade teacher.

Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms

Plants: UtahLink

Plant Thematic Unit

Plants: Evergreen Curriculum

Pond Action  Suggested pond science and math activities for elementary grade levels.

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

Plant-Parts Salad

Children's Butterfly Site




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