Fossil Site: Fossils and Dinosaurs
This unit is mainly taught using our text.  See our curriculum sheets for additional information.

Central Questions

How do the earth's features change over time?


LE1- Explain how fossils provide evidence about the nature of ancient life
EG3- Explain how rocks and fossils are used to understand the history of the Earth.
Lesson Plans/Units

Dinosaurs: A Thematic Unit

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory: Dinosaur Home Page

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

Dinosaurs!  Education Planet has compiled a list of Internet resources including lesson plans, online activities and general information links.

The Dinosaur Challenge by Laurie Kirchhoff


Dino Lab  Lesson plans and student activities including an encyclopedia, games, news and additional links from the Jurassic Park Institute.

Zoom Dinosaurs

Royal Tyrrell Museum: Where Palaeontology Comes Alive

Discovery Schools Dinosaur Guide   Includes a gallery of dinosaur sounds and videos

BBC Online: Walking with Dinosaurs



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