Campsite: Sun, Moon, Earth
This unit is mainly taught using our text.  See our curriculum sheets for additional information.

Central Questions

How does our planet and sun compare to other planets and solar systems?
How do objects in the solar system move?
ES1- Describe the sun, moon, and earth.
Es2- Describe the motion of the earth and moon around the sun.
Lesson Plans/Units

Solar System Thematic Unit

Earth, Sun, Moon Unit and another Earth, Sun, Moon Unit

Space, the Final Frontier

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information
How Do the Sun, Moon, and Earth Move?  Click on "Teach" then "How Do the Sun, Moon, and Earth Move?"

Change of Season  This NASA site includes a short video explaining why we have seasons.

Race to Space  This site's goal is to "inform, inspire, and involve children in the excitement of science, technology, and space exploration."  It includes teacher resources.


Fun Facts + Color the Sun

Pictures of Sun Spots

Picture of the Surface of the Sun

The Sun:  Man's Friend and Fun Fact Sheet


NASA: Our Moon (includes slow-loading moon phases game)

Picture of the Moon's Surface


Color the Earth + Fun Facts

Picture of the Earth taken from the Moon

Picture of the Earth (North America)



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