The Dinosaur Challenge!

A WebQuest for 2nd grade
Designed by: Laurie Kirchhoff

Are you ready to travel back in time millions of years?  Are you ready for a challenge? On your quest, you and your partner will discover exciting facts about the dinosaur.

The Task:

  • Read to find information about dinosaurs using the internet.
  • Print out question sheet and record answers with your partner.
  • Play Scrambled Dinosaur Puzzle.
  • Print out Word Hunt Sheet
  • Take an on-line Dinosaur Quiz

The Process:

  • Read "What is a Dinosaur?"
  • Click on "Find It!"
  • Print out "Find It" question sheet after reading the web page called "What is a Dinosaur?"
  • With your partner record your answers.
  • Play Scrambled Dinosaurs - make your own strange dinosaurs or find real dinosaurs!
  • Print out Word Hunt #1 - see how many 2, 3, and 4 letter words you can make using the letters from the mystery word.
  • Take an on-line Dinosaur Quiz ! See if you know basic dinosaur facts.

Conclusion: After completing this WebQuest, the students will have discovered interesting facts, designed and identified strange and real dinosaurs, gone on a Word Hunt and taken an on-line Dinosaur Quiz.

Resources: Links to all materials are provided in Zoom Dinosaurs.


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