Hoh Rain Forest:  Life Cycles
This unit is mainly taught using our text.  See our curriculum sheets for additional information.

Central Questions

  • How are groups of living things classified?
  • How do life cycles of living things differ?
  • How do living things obtain and use energy?
  • How are the parts of living things adapted to carry out specific functions?
  • How are the characteristics of living things passed on through generations?
  • How is energy distributed to living things in an ecosystem?
  • Compare and classify familiar organisms on the basis of observable physical characteristics.
  • Describe life cycles of familiar organisms.
  • Compare and contrast food, energy, and environmental needs of similar organisms.
  • Describe functions of selected seed plants parts.
  • Give evidence that characteristics are passed from parents to young.
  • Describe the basic requirements for all living things maintain their existence.

Lesson Plans/Units

University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids: Teacher Resources

Animal Studies  Unit Plan from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

Inside Look at Plant Life  Unit Description from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

Fast Plants (Brassica rapa) Learning Ecosystems   Includes teacher resources

SCORE CyberGuide: Great Kapok Tree Activities

Insect Thematic Unit

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

Classifying Critters

Insect Zoo

Rainforest Action Network: Kids' Corner  Includes Fact Sheets, Animal Information, Teacher Resources, and Steps for Kids to Take

Plant Parts Salad

Michigan 4-H Children's Garden at MSU

Great Plant Escape



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