Earth's Land Resources
This unit is mainly taught using our text.  See our curriculum sheets for additional information.

Central Questions

  • What is the Earth's surface like?
  • How do the Earth's features change over time?
  • What effect has technology had on the Earth's surface and resources?
  • Describe the major features of the Earth's surface.
  • Recognize and describe different types of earth materials.
  • Explain how rocks and fossils are used to understand the history of the Earth.
  • Describe natural changes in the Earth's surface.
  • Describe use of materials take from the earth.
  • Demonstrate means to recycle manufactured materials and a disposition toward recycling.

Lesson Plans/Units

Lesson Plan for Rock Hounds

Earth: It Wasn't Always This Way  Unit Plan from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

Fossils and Rocks: Evergreen Curriculum


Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

Images of Landforms  Photographs and descriptions from

Rock Hounds

The World Around Us: Rocks    Exhibits include Moving Rocks (Eruptions and Hot Rocks are coming soon.)



U.S. EPA Explorers Club

Rotten Truth About Garbage



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