The Solid Earth
This unit is mainly taught using our text.  See our curriculum sheets for additional information.

Central Questions

  • What is the Earth's surface like?
  • How do the Earth's features change over time?
  • What effects has technology had on the Earth's surface and resources?
  • How do materials cycle through an ecosystem and get reused in the environment?
  • How do humans and the environment interact?


  • Describe and identify surface features using maps.
  • Explain how rocks and minerals are formed.
  • Explain how rocks and fossils are used to determine the age and geological history of the earth.
  • Explain how rocks are broken down, how is soil formed and how surface features change.
Lesson Plans/Units
Lesson Plan for Rock Hounds

Multiple Intelligences: Rocks and Minerals  "Approaches to teaching rocks and minerals through multiple intelligences and technology".  

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

Rock Hounds

The World Around Us: Rocks    Exhibits include Moving Rocks (Eruptions and Hot Rocks are coming soon.)

Rocks for Kids   Offers information about fossils, rocks and minerals including rock collecting.  



Sands of the World  Interactive student-created web site that investigates sands of the world.



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