Anchor Bay's
K-7 Science Curriculum

Kindergarten:   Animals, Earth, Matter and energy, Night and Day, Seasons, Sound, The Five Senses

Grade One:  Earth's Surface, Ecosystems, Life Cycles, Math and Energy, Motion, Weather

Grade Two: Animals and Plants, Light, Magnets, Sound, Sun, Earth, Water

Grade Three:   Forces and Machines, Landforms, Life Cycles, Matter, Weather

Grade Four: Animals, Cells, Earth, Groundwater, Magnets and Electricity, Matter

Grade Five:  Ecosystems, Energy, Work and Machines, Light and Sound, The Solid Earth

Grade Six:  Measurement and the Sciences, Electricity and Magnetism, Ecology, Motion, Forces, and Energy, Stars and Galaxies, The Solar System, Earth's Fresh Water

Grade Seven:  The Earth and Living Things, The Chemistry of Living Things, Cells, Heredity, classifying Living Things, Plants, Invertebrates, Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds 


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