Science: General Resources

Lesson Plans/Units

SCoPE (Sample Curriculum and Plans for Education)   This site "provides a model K-12 local core curriculum with units of study clearly linked to Michigan's own content standards, benchmarks, and statewide assessments.  The site also provides teachers with detailed plans for teaching lessons in each unit of study comprising the model K-12 local core curriculum."  It was "produced by the subject area consultants of the Oakland intermediate school district in collaboration with local teachers and subject area experts".

MDE: Science  Science and technology resources from the Michigan Department of Education.

MI BIG  Hosted by the MISD, this site includes "a series of articulated strand maps with sub-maps and narratives for all the revised Michigan Science Standards and Benchmarks". 

Michigan Science Teachers Association

MISD: Science  Teacher resources from the Macomb Intermediate School District including the Elementary Aligned Curriculum Development.

National Science Teachers Association

The Science Spot   Links to lessons, daily science trivia, and more

Thinking Fountain A to Z: Science Museum of Minnesota


Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

Animal Cams!    Live cameras from zoos and aquariums

Animal Diversity Web

Animaland  The ASPCA's site for kids includes career information, pet care tips, ask the expert email feature, quizzes and games. 

Ask an Expert  Links to the web pages of experts who will answer your email questions.  Categories include Science/Technology and Animals.

Beakman and Jax

eNature Field Guides   Includes field guides to over 4800 North American plant and animal species.  You can search by location or habitat.

The Exploratorium's Online Exhibits

Extreme Science: The Ultimate Online Science Experience  Student-oriented information about time, weather, space, earth sciences, and creatures.  Includes links for homework help and reference.

Funology: The Science of Having Fun

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

Science Fair Central

Science Matters  News from the frontiers of science

Science Adventures   Guide to informal science centers in the US

Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition  Includes a Hands-On Science section, lesson plans, and pages for students, teachers, and parents.

Yuckiest Site on the Internet



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