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Core Topics

  • Spanish, French and British Colonization
  • Roanoke
  • Jamestown and Plymouth
  • Middle Colonies
  • South Colonies
  • Indentured Servants/Slavery
Lesson Plans/Units
Colonial America and Children's Literature: Carol Hurst

Colonial America: Education World

Colonists in the New World

The American Colonies: Education Place

Mr. Donn's Lesson Plans: Colonial Period

United States Colonial History: Utah Education Network   Long list of links to lesson plans and online resources

also see Holidays: Thanksgiving

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information

Colonial Williamsburg (click on "History")

A Colonial Family and Community Web Quest: HFMGV

Jamestown Rediscovery

Virtual Jamestown

Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700's    Take a trip back to the colonial era and learn more about the way children lived.

Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth Plantation Museum Page

Colonial Williamsburg: African Americans  Information about African American life in colonial times.  

Living Under Enslavement: HFMGV

From Indentured Servitude to Racial Slavery: PBS Online

Early America   Students explore various Internet Web Quests to learn more about the early history of America and complete a variety of tasks.



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