Michiganís Early History

In this section we talk a look at the Native Americans, explorers, traders, and priests who shaped Michiganís past.

The Ojibwe

A site created by an Ojibwe women who wanted to share her story of her tribe. It is a teacher background site.

The Ottawa

Same type of site as the one listed above except the emphasis is on the Ottawa tribe.

The Potawatomi

A closer look at the lives and customs of the Potawatomi indians.

Chief Pontiacís Siege of Detroit

A great background article from the Detriot News Rearview Window project on Pontiacís bid to regain lost ground.

The History of Michigan

Unit Plan from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

Michigan Thru the Years

"Michigan has a rich past. These 16 important dates chronicle over 300 years of Michigan history by featuring the people, places and events that make them significant."

Native American Dioramas

Pretty interesting downloadable pictures of the native American dioramas at the University of Michigan

Fort Michilimackinac

This is the fort's interactive web site. Its well worth a look.

Fur Traders

Saskatoon Public Schools created a Fur Trader unit that integrates technology into the lessons.

White Oak Fur Post

Hereís a awesome site to send your students.

"The year is 1798 and the fur trade is booming. Our fur trading post is located near the upper reaches of the Mississippi River in the north woods. Enter and join a hearty group of gentlemen and voyageurs. They are talking about the rendezvous. Later they may talk about the fur trade, sing some songs, perhaps talk about the winter to come. It is a time of adventure, challenge, dangers, and rewards."


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