The Road to Statehood

Treaties, Statehood, Erie Canal, Lumbering, Mining, Shipping

Settling a State

This site comes to us from the Michigan Historical Museum. It " provides a mini-tour of the museum's Statehood and Settlement galleries. " Take a look at Early Pioneers, Plank Roads, The Toledo War, and the Boy Governor.

Erie Canal

An interactive site with lots of maps and pictures of the building and using of the canal. This would be a great web quest site if someone would like to write one.

Green Gold: Lumbering in Michigan

Take a virtual tour of the lumbering gallery at the Michigan Historical museum.

The History of Michigan

Unit Plan from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

Mining in Michigan

Another interesting site from the Michigan Historical Museum folks. Click here and take a virtual tour of their mining galleries. You will see examples of how they mined copper and iron.


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