Now we are engaged in a great Civil War…

"Thank God for Michigan" A. Lincoln

Michigan Through the Years

"Michigan has a rich past. These 16 important dates chronicle over 300 years of Michigan history by featuring the people, places and events that make them significant."

Pictures From the Civil War

Downloaded pictures from the Michigan Historical Museum. They could be used in student reports or projects.

Doorway to Freedom

A virtual tour from the Detroit Historical Museum about the people and sites of Detroit’s section of the Underground Railroad.

The History of Michigan

Unit Plan from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

The Underground Railroad

A great interactive site from National Geographic that all your students should experience.  It includes teacher resources.

The Underground Railroad Project

Another very clever and interactive site put together by the teachers and kids. The table of contents is a quilt made up of student drawn squares that take you to information on every aspect of slavery and the Underground Railroad.  Click on Search then type in: underground to get to this site.


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