Michigan Moves into the 20th Century

Mr. Ford and his Model T

The History of Michigan

Unit Plan from the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

The Motor City

Around the world, the word "Detroit" means cars. While no longer the world's leading producer of cars, today southeastern Michigan is still the capital of automotive technology and the headquarters of Ford and General Motors. This exhibit, "Motor City," tells the story of a hundred years of people building cars, and cars building communities. This site contains some great pictures of early Detroit.

Another great teaching tool is a video called "Making a Car". It takes you and your kids to an assembly line and you watch how a 1999 Ford Mustang is put together.

Manufacturing, Agriculture, the Depression, and Rural Michigan

All of these topics are highlighted at the Michigan Historical museums site. 

So You Want to Make a Car...

The Internet Public Library hosts this multimedia tour of the Chrysler Sterling Heights Assembly Plant.

Model T Road Trip

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village follows a fictional Michigan family in 1919 as they buy and car and travel across America.  Information about Henry Ford, road conditions and the Highland Park Assembly Plant is incorporated into the Brown family's travel journal.



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