4th Grade Social Studies

Michigan Studies

The purpose of the fourth grade social studies curriculum is to study the state of Michigan and the Great Lakes region as it relates to other United States regions and the world. Students will learn information and skills that will help them to become active, productive and responsible citizens in a state, national, and world setting. Our students will study and learn information relation to Michiganís history, geography, civics and economics. Using these standards the students will examine environmental issues, economic, influencers, cultural diversity, and related Michigan issues and /current events.


To teach this we use the Hillsdale book titled "Our Michigan Adventure". We also use the Nystrom Atlas program and Michigan Wipe Off maps.



General K-12 Social Studies Information and Resources 

It Happens in Lansing

This section covers the structure of our government at the local, state and federal level.

The Natural Resources and Geography of Michigan

In this section we take a look at Michiganís Natural Resources, its various regions, and work on map skills.

Michiganís Early History

In this section we talk a look at the Native Americans, explorers, traders, and priests who shaped Michiganís past.

The Road to Statehood

Treaties, Statehood, Erie Canal, Lumbering, Mining, Shipping

Now we are engaged in a great Civil War...

"Thank God for Michigan" A. Lincoln

Michigan Moves into the 20th Century

Michigan Today

Includes General Information

Chronology: Past, Present, Future

Updated 1/04


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