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Core Topics

  • Vikings
  • Columbus
  • Portuguese and Spanish Explorers
  • French and British Explorers
Lesson Plans/Units
Lessons of the Explorers

Mr. Donn's Lesson Plans: Age of Exploration

Different Worlds Meet: Education Place

European Settlement  Unit Plan for the Sample Core Curriculum for Michigan Schools

The Explorers  Education Planet has compiled an extensive list of Internet resources that includes lesson plans, background information and online activities.

also see Holidays: Columbus Day/Discoverer's Day

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information
Discoverers Web Home Page

Age of Exploration: Mariner's Museum

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga  This exhibit from the National Museum of Natural History includes a virtual Viking voyage, video clips, artifacts, teacher resources and background information.

The Viking Network

Viking Board Game: Hnefatafl  

Explorations of Christopher Columbus: Mariner's Museum

Explorers of North America Online Quiz

Discovery and Exploration Maps: Library of Congress



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