Lesson Plan for The Lady in the Box

Submitted by Lore Redlowsk


You have just read or have heard the story The Lady in the Box by Ann McGovern.  The City Council in New York has just decided to ban box ladies from its streets.  They no longer want people sleeping on the streets of New York.

You will now take a stand on the following public policy issue:  Should the homeless of New York be allowed to sleep on the streets?  You may either support or oppose this decision.  Write a letter to the City Council.  Use information to provide reasons that support your position.

You will be graded on the following, so be sure your letter includes each of the elements listed below:

  • A clear statement of your position.

  • Supporting information using core democratic values of American Constitutional democracy.

  • Supporting knowledge from history, geography, civics. or economics that you already know.



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