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Core Topics

  • Geography
  • History
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Current Issues
Lesson Plans/Units
Mr. Donn: Europe Lesson Plans and Activities

Mr. Donn: Ancient History

Education World: Bring Ancient History to Life  Five lesson plans for teaching about ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt with links to 20 others.

Online Activities/Projects/Background Information
Europe Today Electronic Passport   (also click on specific time periods)

Ancient Civilizations  A multimedia, interactive exhibit covering Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Rome.  Includes an "ask-the-expert" feature.

Library of Congress Country Studies Handbooks  (click on country name)

European Travel Commission's Europe Planner

The Renaissance: Surfing the Net with Kids

Web Quest for Ancient Greece    Students use Internet resources to find what life was like in ancient Greece

Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome Web Quest   Students use the Internet to explore Ancient Rome and learn about daily life, myths, and government



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