Hereís an idea of mine you can use.  When I am first introducing students to the core democratic values I use the sketchbook I created to help them remember the basic idea of each.   After discussing each value I have them sketch in a picture in the box that represents the value we just talked about.  They usually keep the sketchbook in their social studies book so they can refer to them whenever the need arises.

Four Question Sheet

This is an excellent activity to use right after you first introduce the core democratic values to your students.  It gives you immediate feedback on how well they did or didnít understand  your lesson.

Bulletin Board

Divide you students into groups, give each group a value, and have them create a poster to share with the class that highlights their assigned value. 

 Drama and Skits

Some teachers have divided their students up into groups giving each group a different core democratic value to write and perform a short skit to share with the others in their class. 


Give your students a pile of LEGOs and  have them turn some of these abstract ideas into some concrete examples.  You will be amazed at what you see your kids create.

Power Point

I have put together a fun power point slide show your kids can run through to review the values. 

Puzzle Maker

Click here and go to the Puzzle Maker site where you can create your own core democratic value crossword puzzle or word search.



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