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East Detroit Public Schools
Lesson Design

Author: Elizabeth Quigley-Loria
Subject: Map Creation
Grade: 2
Course: Social Studies
Title: Neighborhood Map

Length of Lesson: Four 50-minute sessions
Materials Needed:
Power Macintosh G3 computer
color monitor
TV monitor or projection system
color printer
United States
The Neighborhood Map Machine
Social Studies textbook:
Communities and Their Needs
(Silver Burdett & Ginn, 1988)

Standards-Based Outcomes (MDE):

Social Studies:

V. Inquiry

Content Standard V, 1: All students will acquire information from books, maps, newspapers, data sets, and other sources, organize and present the information in maps, graphs, charts, and timelines, interpret the meaning and significance of information, and use a variety of electronic technologies to assist in accessing and managing information. (Information Processing)

Prior Knowledge:

The students must have basic computer knowledge. They need to know how to turn on the computer, find and initiate a program, and use a mouse.

Cue Set:

Best Shot Instruction:

Reteaching and Enrichment:

The teacher uses the same process as in the initial instruction. The class makes a map of a city such as Detroit. In this map, symbols for the highways, zoo, museum, baseball stadium, large apartment buildings, large office buildings, hockey arena, and People Mover are included.

Review and Closure:


    1. A map missing 0-2 items earns an A.
    2. ...3-4 items, a B.
    3. ...5-6 items, a C.
    4. A map missing more than six items requires reteaching the student. This should be done through individual consultation and instruction if possible.


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