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  Principal - Dr. Linda Schneider-Rediske

Office Staff:  
Secretary- Ms. Miller
Clerk - Ms. Simurdiak
Adult Co-Op - Ms. Swoveland
Student Co-Op - Miss Sekula
Ms. Pater, Ms. Shaum

1st Grade:  
Ms. Paladino, Ms. Kollsmith, Ms. Terenzi

2nd Grade:  
Ms. Flint, Ms. Scholten, Ms. Steele, Ms. Trebble

3rd Grade:  
Ms. Harris, Ms. McInally, Ms. Mow, Ms. Williams

4th Grade:  
Ms. Amore, Ms. DiVita, Ms. Mow, Ms. Hummon

5th Grade:  
Ms. Gerstenberger, Ms. Hartsig, Mr. Sheridan, Ms. Wilcox

6th Grade:  
Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Miller, Mr. Rojeski, Ms. Trivelloni

Special Services:
Learning Center - Ms. Lepper, Ms. Luhmann, Ms. Moore, Ms. Weglarz
Speech - Ms. Hume
Social Worker - Ms. Victor
Psychologist - Ms. Witske

Art - Ms. Noonan
French - Ms. Rosso
Gym - Mr. Zivkovich
Music - Ms. Taylor
Band - Mr. Traskal
Strings - Mr. Milicivec

Media Center Staff:
Teacher - Ms. Noechel, ETS - Ms. Saigh,
RCA - Ms. Charbonneau & Ms. Terranova

Graebner Mission Statement
Our mission is educational excellence.  This will be accomplished through developing problem solving and thinking skills, incorporating new methods, technologies, and networking with our community.  Graebner students will become productive citizens and life long learners in an ever-changing society.