May 2016

Principal's Video Message

Dear Bulldog Community,

As we head into the final weeks of school, I have only gratitude and appreciation for all of the people who make a child's experience at school successful each day. Starting with our transportation department for putting safety first in getting children to and from each school day; our food service workers who prepare hot, nutritious meals daily; our para professionals who meet the needs of children on both an individual level and as a whole group; our office staff for taking care of the scrapes and illnesses; our secretaries for handling all of the demands of the front office each day; our custodians/maintenance personnel who take care of our wonderful facility; and our teachers/staff for meeting all the needs of each child daily. All of us doing our best, in partnering with each family, to provide a high quality education for your child is what makes Burr Elementary a special place for students to learn and grow.

Congratulation to our Science Olympiad Team. For the last four years we have placed in the top 10 in the K – 6 category at the S.O. competition at Macomb Community College South Campus. This year, our team earned 7th out of 41 teams. A special thank you goes out Jennifer Beckemeyer, all the coaches, parents, and especially our Bulldogs for doing such a great job.

Burr’s Destination Imagination 3rd Grade team took 9th place at their first State Level Competition in the elementary Fine Arts Challenge. Many thanks to Ms. Peila, Ms. Sutter, and all the parents for your continued support. Great job Bulldogs!

Burr Elementary has been a Macomb County Green School for the past three years. This year, we added a second grade Green Team that helps to keep our school campus clean and free of trash. I am very proud of their “can do” attitude and aprreciate all their hard work.

The last group I would like to recognize is our BSA Cub Scouts Pack #350. They are off and running and are enjoying lots of different BSA activities.

Many parents lament that reading has become a lost art in modern times. Thanks to modern technology, children have plenty of alternatives to reading, including television, video games, and the Internet. Making sure that your children read well, however, can help them perform better in school and increase their confidence in their ability to communicate well.

Parents can help children remain interest in reading by doing the following:
Have Your Children Read to You
Have your children select their favorite book and sit down to read with you at a specific time each evening.
Make reading an important part of each day, whether after dinner or around the time your children go to sleep.
Letting your children select the book they want to read is a good idea as it ensures that they enjoy the experience of reading (even if they always select the same book).
If they are unable to pronounce a particular word, be patient as you help them sound it out.

Stock Your House with Reading Materials
Keep a wide variety of reading material available in your house. reports that children who have a diverse assortment of books and magazines to choose from actually score higher on standardized tests. recommends putting books and magazines in your bathrooms, bedrooms, cars, family rooms and next to your television.

Make Reading Part of Daily Life suggests having your children read signs on the road, menus, weather reports, game directions, movie listings, and other daily living items. This will help motivate your children to try to understand the importance and applicability of being able to read well. It can also encourage them to naturally expand their vocabulary through encountering certain words regularly in daily life. Remember 20 minutes of reading every day is the goal for all our Burr students.

Parent involvement is one of the key factors in a child's success at school and the success of our school. When schools work together with families to support learning, children tend to succeed not just in school, but in life as well.

We are a Michigan Department of Education Reward school because we have outstanding students, amazing teachers, and involved parents.

Take Care,

Michael P. Hardy
Principal and Lead Learner