Writers Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: Using descriptive words       GLCE:W.PR.01.05

Literature used (if applicable): The Leaving Morning


Introduction: Today Im going to read The Leaving Morning by Angela Johnson.  This book is filled with describing words: words that help us see, feel, and hear the story better.    


Teaching: What is a describing word?  Listen to the story The Leaving Morning as I read.  Listen for describing words (sense words or how words).  When you hear one, give me the thumbs up signal. 


Active Involvement: The teacher reads the book through without stopping.  Then the students listen to the story again, and upon hearing describing words, they will give the thumbs up signal.  After reading the second time, make a classroom list of student responses. Today I am going to write a sentence.  Will you help me make it more interesting by using describing words? 

      I packed the box. 

      Here is a truck. 

      I see a window.   



Applying the Skill: Students will write their own descriptive sentence(s) in their writers notebook.