Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: Extremely Personal Narrative

 GLCE: WGB.01.01/.03


Literature used (if applicable): Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge    By Mem Fox 



- Set up purpose; “What is a memory?”

- Read “Wilfrid Gordon Mc Donald Partridge”

- define memory – connect to self

- model with own memory – bring in object – link object to    events

- have students bring in an object that reminds them of a special time

- have students define what a memory is in their own words




-       show the teacher’s object – think aloud (i.e. shell reminds me of the beach….)

-       use sensory words, descriptive words, events of day, active involvement


Active Involvement:

- students share their object with a buddy

- students record 3-4 phrases about their object

- students return to create their “memory object web”

  To sequence events with a beginning, middle, and end


Applying the Skill or Strategy:

-       students will take the information from their web and write their personal narrative (optional drawings/pictures )

-       students will transfer their narrative to memory strips to publish their story

-       strips will be glued to their “Memory Box” (shoe box)

-      the  student’s object will be housed inside the box