WriterŐs Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: Repetition Poems  GLCE: W.GN.01.02

Literature used (if applicable): Kids Poems by Regie Roulman




Today we will read a poem called a ŇPattern of My FavoritesÓ.




What is repetition?  Give examples.  Ask students what is repeated in the poem?  Reread the poem and have students give thumbs up when it repeats.



Active Involvement: 


Students listen to the poem and put thumbs up when they hear the phrase ŇI likeÉ I donŐt likeÓ.


Together brainstorm a list of likes and dislikes.



Applying the Skill or Strategy: 


Today when we write we are going to practice a repetition poem.  Remember to repeat I like and I donŐt like.  Give students a graphic organizer that allows them to individually brainstorm their ideas.  Then allow them take their brainstorming to write the poem.


The example poem from Kids Poems Teaching First Graders to Love Poetry by Regie Routman.




A Pattern of My Favorites


I donŐt like asparagus.

I like broccoli.

I donŐt like spinach.

I like peanut butter and jelly.

I donŐt like tomatoes.

I like apples.

I donŐt like squash.

I like French toast.

I donŐt like avocados.

I like rice.


A pattern of my favorites

By Shannon A Sharkey