WriterÕs Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: Descriptive Language                 


GLCE:     W.PR.02.01


Introduction: Today IÕm going to read a book called Pinduli, by Janelle Cannon.  This is a story about hyenas in East Africa.  What do you know about hyenas? (discussion)


Teaching: This story has many descriptive words.  Authors use descriptive words to give the readers more information about the characters, events, and setting of the story.


Listen to me read the first couple pages of the story.

Think Aloud: Ōsoft pounding of pads.Ķ  Wow! IÕm glad the author used these words. It reminds me of the sound of my dog walking down the hallway. Listen to the story Pinduli and listen for descriptive language.


Active Involvement:  1. Students listen to the story and touch their nose when they hear descriptive language. 

2. Do not show some of the pictures and have students draw pictures of what they are visualizing based on the descriptive language.

3.  Photocopy different pages from the book. Have each group highlight the descriptive language and share the words they chose.


Applying the Skill or Strategy: 

Today, when you are writing I want you to practice using descriptive language in you writing.  If you are revising, replace some of the weak verbs with strong verbs, or use some describing words that help the reader picture your writing in his head.