Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Hooks


Literature used:  Hey Al by Arthur Yorinks


Introduction:  Give an example of a hook (something that would make a reader want to read on). For example, “Where is Papa going with that axe?” said Fern to her Mother as she was setting the table for breakfast. Charolette’s Web, E.B. White.


Teaching: Discuss how a hook grabs the readers’ curiosity and makes them want to read on. It should thinks of some questions and has them begin to predict what will happen next.

Read the story, Hey Al.


Active Involvement:  As you are reading the story, when they hear a hook, do a visual or oral clue (touching your head, saying “stop” or snapping fingers) to stop the story. Then discuss what the hook is.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:

Š      In small groups of 2-3 students, look in their anthology or other books to locate hooks authors have used. Mark these with Post its.

Š      Have them work on writing their own hook.