Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Adjectives  GLCE:  W.P.S.03.01(Pers. Style)

Literature used (if applicable):  Personal Narrative


Introduction:  Today I am going to read a book called Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.  This book is filled with numerous adjectives.



Teaching:  What is an adjective?  What do adjectives do?  Listen to the story Owl Moon to find adjectives.  Raise your hand as you hear them.



Active Involvement:  Students listen to the story and they raise their hand when they hear an adjective.  The teacher records the responses on chart paper.



Applying the Skill or Strategy:  As you begin to write your story, keep in mind to use descriptive words (adjectives) with person, places, or things.


In sharing time today, we want to hear how you used adejectives in your writing.