Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Using descriptive adjectives


Literature used:  Behind the Mask

Materials needed: drawing paper, crayons


Introduction:  Read Behind the Mask. Discuss what an adjective is and what it does. Re read the selection and makes a list of all the adjectives students hear as they listen. Discuss the importance of using adjectives.


Teaching:  Look at various sizes and colors of Jack o’ Lanterns. (Or other seasonal items). Brainstorm descriptive characteristics. For example: for Jack o’ Lanterns: Color, shape of eyes, nose and number and shape of teeth, overall size, etc.


Active Involvement:  Students will draw and color a unique version of the object being studied. Their names are to be written on the back of the drawing. Students then will write a paragraph using descriptive adjectives describing their selection.


Applying the Skill or Strategy: Number each of the drawings and hang them up in an area where they can be seen. Students read their paragraphs and the rest of the class writes the author’s name next to the number of the drawing they believe is being described.