Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Details                       GLCE:W.PR.03.02

Literature used:  I Know a Lady by Charlotte Zolotow


Introduction:  Today I am going to read a book called I Know a Lady by Charlotte Zolotow.  This book uses a lot of details to describe events, characters and setting in the story.


Teaching: Have a class discussion by asking the students the following 2 questions. What are details?  How do you add them to your writing? Read the story to the whole class.



Active Involvement:  For lower el:  Have the students put their thumbs up when they hear a detail.  For upper el:  After the story is read, divide students into groups and provide each group with a page from the story.  The groups will work together to highlight details from the page.  Follow with discussion.



Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Today we are going to do a writing activity using details.  First, draw a picture of what your Thanksgiving dinner table will look like.  Next, using details describe what your drawing looks like.  The following day have each student trade writing papers with another student and have the student draw a picture of what the table looks like.  Compare the original drawing with the drawing based upon the details of the writing.