Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Mood Endings (Writing to leave the reader with a feeling)    

GLCE:W.PR.03.01 and W.AT.03.01

Literature used:  My Mama Had a Dancing Heart


Introduction:  “Today I’m going to read a story to you that will leave you with a feeling. When I read My Mama Had a Dancing Heart, listen to see the mood of the ending. What feeling does the author leave you with?”


Teaching:  Before reading, ask what the word mood means. Brainstorm a list of different moods.

Listen to the story; think about the mood the author is in.

After the story ask, “What kind of mood are you left in?”


Active Involvement:  Students listen to the story.

After reading, together discuss the mood of the characters and identify some of the moods the story left you in. 


Applying the Skill or Strategy: Today when you write the ending of your story, think about the mood you want the audience to feel.

In sharing time today, we will try to guess and identify the mood of your story.