Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Poetry   

GLCE:W.GN.03.02 and W.AT.03.02

Literature used:  Shape Poems by Bill Martin, Shel Silverstein, and Jack Pelutosky     


Introduction:  “Today I’m going to read some poems in a shape. Try to describe how the shape and the poem go together.”


Teaching:  Model with a shape (cat). Think of descriptive words to describe cats.


Active Involvement:  Put children in groups with a shape and have them brainstorm descriptive words for that shape.

http://www.eduplace.com/activity/poem_shapes.html has an article on diamante poems.


Applying the Skill or Strategy: After each group has compiled their list of words, have them write the poem they invent on a large sheet of paper. Have them share these during “Author’s Chair” and incorporate any suggestions from the group.