Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Quotations and Capitals


Literature used:  Wilfred Gordon Macdonald Partridge

Materials needed: Post its and Wikki sticks; 2 pages of dialogue, one correct and the second missing the quotation marks and capitals.


Introduction:  “Today I’m going to read a story to you that has a lot of talking in it. We call talking, dialogue. When I read Wilfred Gordon Macdonald Partridge, Listen to see the dialogue is.”


Teaching:  Write a sentence with dialogue on the board and ask, ”When we are reading, how do we know when someone is talking? How do we know when one sentence ends and another begins?” Have students put the post its where the quotation marks belong and use the Wikki stick to mark where the capitals go.


Active Involvement:  Pass out a page of dialogue and have students highlight where they see dialogue, underline the periods and circle the capitals. Pass out a new paper that has dialogue where the quotation marks and capital letters have been left off. Have them write in the corrections.


Applying the Skill or Strategy: Have students locate a place in their writing where dialogue would fit. Have students write 2 or 3 dialogue sentences in their selection using quotation marks and capitals correctly.