Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Compare Contrast         GLCE:W.GN.04.03

Literature used (if applicable):  Michigan Text Book


Introduction:  Who were the first Native American groups in Michigan, and how were they alike and different?



Teaching:  Using the Michigan text, read chapter 3, section 1, using the SQ3R method.  Hand out a Venn Diagram graphic organizer.  Students fill out their own as we complete together using the overhead projector to compare and contrast the Paleo-Indians and the Old Copper People.  Review with students compare/contrast words such as similar to, both, alike, however, unlike, unique to, etc.  Students may contribute words as well.


Active Involvement:  Students read the section independently and fill out their SQ3R graphic organizer and draft similarities and differences on their Venn diagram.  The students share their findings and contribute to the class Venn Diagram. They may addand delete information from their own.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Students draft a compare/contrast paragraph(s) using clue words and information from the Venn diagram.