Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Details GLCE: W.ST.04.01

Literature used (if applicable):  Grandpa’s Face by Eloise Greenfield


Introduction:  Today I’m going to read Grandpa’s Face by Eloise Greenfield.  This book is filled with specific vivid details.


Teaching:  What is a detail and why do we need to use them? (discussion)  What examples might create vivid imagery?




Active Involvement: Listen to the story, Grandpa’s Face, and write down details from the story about Grandpa’s face.

After reading, make a class list of the details to post in the classroom.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Today when you are writing, I want you to practice using details in your writing.  If you are revising, replace some of the weak details with strong detail as you read over your piece.


In sharing time today, we want to hear how you used strong details in your writing.  Our comments will focus on this skill.