WriterŐs Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: Personal Style  GLCE: W.ST.04.01

Literature used (if applicable): Thank You Mr. Falker, By Patricia Pollacco


Introduction:  Today we are going to read Thank You Mr. Falker By Patricia Polacco.  We will be looking and listening for great leads/hooks, or how the author captures the readers interest and makes them want to read on, and how important they are in your writing.



Teaching:  What are hooks?  We want to grab the readerŐs attention.  We want them to want to continue reading or peak their interest.


Listen to the opening of this story.  How did this capture you attention?  How did it pull you in?  What made it want you to continue reading?



Active Involvement: Everyone take out your silent reading book.  Read the first paragraph or the first page of your book.  Does it have a hook?  Does it have a lead?  What makes you want to read more?  Who would like to share?  Teacher will have a chart posted with different categories of leads/hooks (question, dialogue, surprising eventÉ) and record different leads as they are shared.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Today when you are writing I want you to practice writing a hook that will grab the readerŐs attention.  Make them want to continue reading.  Do you want to surprise them?  Ask a question?  Paint a picture? 

At sharing time today, we want to hear your lead.  Our comments will focus on that skill.