WriterÕs Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Writing Strong Leads GLCE: W.ST.04.01


Literature used (if applicable):  How Much is A Million?  By David Schwartz


Introduction:  Today IÕm going to read a book called How  Much is a Million? By David Schwartz.  This book uses questions as hooks to make you want to read the rest of the story.


Teaching:  There are different ways in which an author creates an interesting beginning.  One of the ways is to pose a question at the beginning of your story to draw in the reader.  Listen to the story How Much is a Million? and look for the questions that David Schwartz uses that hook you into wanting to read the rest of the story.



Active Involvement:  Students listen to the story and record the questions Schwartz uses as they hear them in the story. 


After reading, the students share the questions they wrote down and ask their partner the answer to the question. 


Applying the Skill or Strategy:

Today, when you are writing, I want you to practice using questions as your leads in your story.  If you are revising, replace weak leads with strong leads as you read over your piece.