Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: FLOW OF IDEAS    GLCE:W.PR.05.04

Literature used:  Wilfred Gordon McDonald Patridge by: Mem Fox


Introduction:  Today I’m going to read a book called, WILFRED GORDON McDONALD PARTRIGDGE BY MEM FOX. This book shows you how to make your ideas flow.



Teaching:  What is flow of ideas? How do you know when the story flows?  Some stories flow from event to event, while others go from character to character.  Listen to this story and see if the flow of ideas goes from event to event or character to character.



Active Involvement:  Students listen to the story and record ideas (event to event or character to character with examples from text).


After reading make a “T” chart giving examples of both types of flow of ideas.



Applying the Skill or Strategy: Today when you are writing, I want you to look for flow of ideas.  If you are revising, add some flow of ideas, choosing events or characters in your piece.