Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

5th grade


Lesson Focus: Details

GLCE: W.GN.05.01


Literature used (if applicable):  When I Was Nine

 By James Stevenson



Today I am going to read a book called When I Was Nine, by James

Stevenson.  This book is filled with detailed snapshots. 


Teaching: “What is a snapshot?” (discussion)  “What makes a good snapshot?”  Discuss descriptive words and how it helps to develop the snapshots.


Active Involvement: “Listen to the story and write down any descriptive words you hear.”   After reading the story, compile the ideas as a whole class.  Recall a memorable snapshot from the story. Then the teacher will re-read that snapshot.  Class will discuss what details made it memorable and how it could be improved.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  ”Today when you are writing, I want you to write detailed snapshots.”  If you are revising, try to make your snapshots more interesting and detailed.  In sharing time, we will be listening for detailed snapshots.”