Writer's Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Using quotes as "Thought shots"   


Literature used:  A Treeful of Pigs by Arnold Lobel

Materials needed before lesson:

Cover book dialogue white paper

Magazine pictures where people may be talking

Language book or practice page


Introduction:  "Today we are going to focus on making our writing come alive by adding dialogue using quotations." Before using this book, cover the words with white paper. Then display the illustrations only and have the students generate thoughts the characters might be expressing.


Teaching: "How do we know a conversation is occurring within a story? (i.e.: quotation marks or word bubbles) How do we get to know the characters better? (By reading their thoughts and conversation)." Model correct use of punctuation and capitalization for quotations. (The language book may have exercises you can use if you feel the knowledge is lacking.)


Active Involvement:  Read the text from the book and have students simultaneously record quotes that are shared. Divide the class into groups and pass out various magazine pictures collected that have people in them. Students should come up with thought shots through conversation for the person in the picture. These must have correct punctuation and capitalization.




More on page 2

Thought shots through conversation, page 2


Applying the Skill or Strategy: "Today when you are working on your writing, find a few places where you could insert a thought shot through conversation. Have students peer edit papers to check for correct usage for punctuation and capitalization.



http://www.eduplace.com may have some more resources for this skill


Check the index of the reading manual for reference to this skill in the anthology.


Use your language book and the teacher resources to provide practice and small group work for those students who have not mastered this skill.