Lesson Focus: Transitions with narrative writing




GLCE: W.PR.05.03


Literature used: The Full Belly Bowl by Jim Aylesworth 




Introduction: “Today the book I’m sharing with you is full of smooth transitions.




Teaching: “What is a transition?” (Discuss) “Transitions are used to move smoothly from one event action to the next. Interesting transitions not only keep the reader involved in the story, but also move the reader naturally through the text. When you read a good book, you keep turning the pages and don’t even realize it.”




Active Involvement: Students listen to the story and either use signals (thumbs up) or record when they hear different transitions. After reading the story, the class brainstorms a list of smooth transitions to be posted in class or placed into their Writer’s Notebook.




Applying the Skill or Strategy: When you are writing, be sure to use the transitions we brainstormed in class to make your writing flow naturally. If you are revising, be sure to include transitions whenever you change events. This could be within a sentence, between sentences, or when a new paragraph begins.