Writer's Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: Details / Adjectives   GLCE:W.PS.05.01


Literature Used: 

 Nothing Ever Happened on 90th Street,

By: Roni Schotter



Read Nothing Ever Happened on 90th Street, By: Roni Schotter. This is a book filled with adjectives and details.



What are details? What kinds of words help add details to writing? Here is an example, instead of writing, "The birds came and ate their food." You could write, "Dozen of pigeons swooped down to dine on the crispy potato chips."


Active Involvement: 

Listen to the story, Nothing Ever Happened on 90th Street, and find the adjectives. Write them down as you hear them. After reading the selection, together make a list of adjectives that the students shared.

Give each student a copy of recorded adjectives.


Applying the Skill or Strategy: 

Have students go back to a piece of writing and add adjectives.