Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Adjectives    GLCE:W.PS.05.01

Literature used:  Clara the Caterpillar By Paula Duncan Edwards


Introduction:  Today I’m going to read a book called, Clara the Caterpillar By Paula Duncan Edwards. This book uses very descriptive language through the use of adjectives.


Teaching:  What is an adjective?  An adjective answers the questions “how many?”,  “what kind?”, or “which one?”. Read the story. Prior to a second reading, distribute post-it notes for an “adjective hunt”.


Active Involvement:  Students write adjectives that they see or hear in the story on their post it notes.

Collect them on a large chart paper into categories the students come up with after you’ve posted several.


Applying the Skill or Strategy: Students then have the opportunity to write a new paper, or revise a paper using descriptive language from this lesson. They mark their descriptive paper with a colored pencil.