Writer's Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Using Idioms   


Literature used:  My Momma Likes to Say


Introduction:  "What is an idiom?" Share the story My Momma Likes to Say and discuss the idioms that we notice in the text.


Teaching: Discuss some commonly known idioms and discuss how idioms add flavor to the writing piece. Make a list of these on the board or a sheet of roll paper. Add to this through the week as students find idioms in their independent reading books.


Active Involvement:  Reread My Momma Likes to Say and have students signal by raising their hand when they hear an idiom.



Applying the Skill or Strategy: Students choose an idiom, write an explanation, and draw an illustration These are put together to create a class book.


http://www.eduplace.com may have some more resources for idioms and figures of speech.