Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus: Organization    GLCE: W.GN.05.02

Literature used:  Thunder Cake and Houghton Mifflin anthology after finished with “Disaster” theme


Introduction:  “Today I’m going to read a book called, Thunder Cake. This book is organized around a natural occurrence. Listen how this author shows the beginning, middle, and end of this story.”


Teaching:  What is the natural occurrence?  How is it used to organize the story? Why is organization important to a story?  We need an organized story in order to make our story flow from one thought to the next.  If a story is organized, then it will be pleasing to the reader.”



Active Involvement:  Students listen to the story and draw beginning, middle, & end on a graphic organizer with 3 panels.


After reading…. Create a class graphic organizer describing the three parts of the story. 


Applying the Skill or Strategy: “Today when you are writing, I want you to practice developing a story that has a definite beginning, middle, and end. 

Choose earthquake, volcano, or hurricane from what we read in the Houghton Mifflin anthology. Organize your writing around one of these disasters. You might want to use a graphic organizer similar to what we used with our analysis of Thunder Cake.

When you revise, circle the beginning portion, the middle portion, and the ending portion.  These three story elements will each be circled in three different colors.”




In sharing time today, we will focus our stars and wishes on the sequence of your story.