WriterŐs Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Internal Conflict GLCE: W.GN.06.01

Literature used (if applicable):  Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon


Introduction:  Read the book Stellaluna By Janelle Cannon.  Stellaluna is a bat who  grows up in a family of birds.  She is trying to adapt to a birdŐs way of life, but is finding it difficult because she is a bat.  Therefore she is experiencing internal conflict.  She has to listen to her inner bat.



Teaching:  What is internal conflict?  Explain. Discuss the main character – make a chart)



Active Involvement:  Students will make a chart of different situations where Stellaluna experienced internal conflict.  (Picking out specific sentences and examples from the text.)



Applying the Skill or Strategy:  The students will write down and share a time when they have experienced internal conflict. Ask the students to think about a time when they have been pressured by a friend to do something. They will write about their internal conflict.